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Golf Guide Podcast

An informal and casual look at the landscape of West Coast golf through the lens of passionate amateur golfers and professional fans of the game.

Enjoy all the banter, shenanigans and debauchery of your local 19th hole from anywhere. Host Kyle Surlow talks to friends and golf insiders about topics that include; travel, West Coast golf courses, PGA Tour analysis, golf course architecture, beer, whiskey, and whatever else may cross their minds.

Jan 18, 2016

In this episode of the Golf Guide Podcast, Kyle recounts the highlights from his recent trip to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (3:53) and his favorite 9-hole course Aetna Springs (30:00).  Then the two hosts get into an in-depth discussion about the various features that make a golf hole bad.  Inspired by Rick Vacek's article on, the hosts debate the worst things an architect can do when designing a golf hole.  Kyle also wonders what golf scores and handicaps would look like if people kept an accurate account of their scores (44:00).  Casey educates Kyle on the finer points of playing fantasy golf (1:23:00), and discusses why Bubba Watson is one of the most annoying players on the PGA Tour (1:30:05).  Then the guys discuss their favorite players to follow on Tour right now (1:33:40), and which players not named Tiger Woods they enjoyed watching a decade ago (1:37:30).  They wrap up the podcast by reviewing some amazing stats from Tiger's career (1:39:00), and because both Kyle and Casey are unabashed San Francisco Giants homers, they recount a couple amazing stats from Barry Bonds' career (1:40:00).